Vir, social project 2020
– flowing ideas on LinkedIn

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/ Social media strategy

/ Content planning

Client – Vir

A winning strategy
– putting people at the centre

The main players for Vir

Since 1971, Vir has established itself worldwide in the manufacturing of ball and balancing valves. The question was simple: how can we effectively approach the social media world and, specifically, Linkedin, the social network of professionals? Vir turned to Marcopolo to develop this project from scratch.

Our work started with a detailed analysis of the reference world: competitors, topics, people and trends. In particular, the identification of a few key characters enabled us to develop an effective user-centred strategy.

A new concept
– as fluid as ideas

The flow of a liquid, the stream of ideas

To be a world leader in your sector, you need to be structured and precise and respond quickly and creatively to new market challenges.

Vir, with its products, controls the flow of a liquid. In the same way, it develops new ideas through continual research.

Our concept, ‘Flowing ideas’, was based on this concept.

More than 60 posts created to report on products, events, houses and news

A strategy that produces results

By creating a company profile, we aimed to make Vir stand out among its competitors and reflect the full power of the brand. The results were outstanding, taking Vir from being entirely absent to creating a community base that is far beyond solid.


Followers on the LinkedIn Vir page


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Posts shared by users


Countries reached, both in terms of interactions and followers