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Client – FlexLink


An ecosystem of reliable partners
– a growth program for distributors

User experience-proof engagement

FlexLink Connects has an ambitious goal: to create an ecosystem of reliable partners, strengthening the concept of network with a growth program dedicated to distributors. The ultimate goal is not only to collect new contacts, but also to offer distributors a showcase to promote their business.

After an in-depth analysis, the result of dialogue with the customer and data collected on the company’s social media, we have identified two main targets: the main audience – i.e. integrators, system builders, distributors – and the secondary audience, the end user. The next step was the definition of the respective user journeys. The first dedicated to new users of the site, with the aim of becoming part of the program reserved for selected distributors, the second to the public of returning users who use the site’s service functions, such as the search for certified partners.

The site was promoted and supported by an organic social strategy that aimed to highlight the most participatory partners in FlexLink Connects.

This initiative has increased the awareness and reputation that individual partners have for the company, also giving good reach results on the dedicated landing page.


The entire communication campaign culminated in an event organized for all partners participating in the program in Gothenburg, Sweden.

This was the perfect opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of FlexLink Connects and collect feedback from direct users, mostly positive.