365 days of yarn
– when digitisation supports the "reel" world

/ UX/UI design
/ Digital experience
/ Web development
/ Graphic design
/ Project manager

Client – Assoservizi Biella

– a virtual showcase for tailor-made products

A virtual display space in which to interweave relationships

Marcopolo has created and developed this concept taking into account the needs of both the client, Assoservizi Biella – FILO, and those who are the primary users in the marketplace: yarn producers and buyers.
Transferring the sensory experience of what happens in a reel fair to a digital platform was an exciting challenge for us.

Find your yarn,
create your network

The study of the users’ behaviour in a reel fair made it possible to create several digital navigation flows, in which producers can upload and share information with buyers on the characteristics and features of their yarns.
  • 2 search macro-areas: by Yarn Characteristics and by Brand
  • network of professionals
  • constantly updated yarns
  • constant contact between users
  • partnerships