Ewellix webinar
– lead generation goal

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Client – Ewellix

A proven system
– promotion, landing, collection

Social campaign, landing page and lead collection for the new Ewellix webinar platform

Ewellix, a leading customer in electromechanical linear motion, offered us a new challenge: to create and promote its digital webinar platform to share knowledge and vision on linear motion. Our project was based on a simple scheme: create the platform and promote it through a dedicated campaign, with the aim of collecting useful leads and registering them on Mail Guru, the CRM used by our client.

Knowledge in Motion, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google Ads campaign concept

The concept developed “Knowledge in motion” was promoted through the customer’s social channels. The sponsored campaigns channeled users to the landing page.

The campaign includes a series of different posts and linked Google Ads Display and Search campaigns on different topics covered by Ewellix

User Journey of the new Ewellix webinar portal

User navigation is guided by various Call to Action, with the aim of bringing unregistered users to fill out the form, thus registering new useful contacts for Ewellix.