Ewellix smart CAHB-2xS
– smart launch strategy

/ Content marketing
/ Digital strategy
/ Web design
/ Branding
/ 3D video

Client – Ewellix

A real challenge
– a cross-media campaign to engage the audience over all channels

Maximising the effectiveness of the strategy for this new smart product

The CAHB-2xS actuator is the new smart addition to the CAHB-2x family and is part of the SmartX platform. For Ewellix, the launch of this innovative product represents its entry into a new world of development, so attention and expectations are very high. This is why Marcopolo has designed a mixed-media strategy to interact with the target audience at different levels.

The first part of the strategy focuses on web communication which is developed on two levels:

  • landing page dedicated to the CAHB-2xS and the smart platform. The page represents the aggregation point of all information and offers users a complete overview of the new product.
  • integration of the new product on the corporate website.

Dedicated landing page

To increase the reach of the campaign, we announced the launch of the new platform with global and local announcements, both on Google Ads and LinkedIn. The types of sponsored content were many to allow users to interact in a different way. The use of formats such as the carousel allowed us not only to offer a preview of the most interesting features of the new product, but also to encourage engagement. The goal was to stimulate the curiosity of the audience and bring users to the landing page, where they can request additional information and become qualified contacts.

Dedicated carousel

Videos have been added to the dedicated landing page, a format that allows you to express complex concepts immediately and is therefore particularly effective in the case of technical applications. Thanks to the use of 3D models and animations, it is possible to quickly understand the features and strengths of the product, also offering an overview of possible uses.

Full video Mobile Machinery

Last, but not least, the launch of the new CAHB 2xS was also communicated through the new dedicated catalog and brochure relating to Mobile Machinery applications. The work required the creation of technical drawings and specific product renderings. The knowledge of the customer and of the brand guidelines, the result of a long collaboration, has allowed us to layout the catalogs with agility and precision.

The catalog and brochure dedicated to the SmartX world