A change of perspective
– the new COMEM

/ Branding
/ Guideline system
/ Motion graphic

Client – Comem

Energy and modernity
– towards a new vision

Logo and colours, a connection between past and future, moving towards innovation

Since 1962 Comem has been an influential brand in electromechanical components for electrical distribution and power transformers. When it became part of the ABB group in 2009, the company was already a multinational, with factories and operational facilities in Italy, Turkey, Brazil and China.

From 2021, the company felt the need to strengthen its presence and brand awareness in response to new market challenges.

We studied their entire identity, from the logo to the development of every aspect of the corporate identity, including a detailed BIM.

The logo is a powerful icon evoking the connection between past and future, the flow of energy, the stylisation of the transformer itself.

Primary colours


CMYK: C90  M37  Y24  K56
Pantone: 2182 C
RGB: R23  G74  B93
Web: #174A5D
RAL: 5020


CMYK: C96 M4 Y46 K38 Pantone: 7719 C RGB: R0 G109 B108 Web: #006D6C RAL: 5021


CMYK: C65 M0 Y38 K0 Pantone: 7465 C RGB: R62 G194 B180 Web: #3EC2B4 RAL: 6033

Secondary colours





The whole new world Comem in a manual

The brand identity manual (BIM) is the most powerful tool of a well-structured brand. In it are rules and guidelines for the correct representation of the identity on all types of media, from digital to paper, and part of the narrative of the new communication.

BIM is a constantly evolving tool to respond to new challenges and new media that emerge every day.