A change of perspective
– the new COMEM

/ Branding
/ Web design
/ Motion & 3D
/ Showroom design

Cliente – FlexLink

Energy and modernity
– towards a new vision

A total makeover. Brand, website, product strategies and showroom.​

From 60 years in the market of electromechanical components for distribution and power transformers, Comem was looking for a reliable and skilled partner to totally change its brand assets. After various stages of research, we were engaged for the creation and launch of the new brand, for the study and creation of the website and product web pages and, finally, for the study of the brand’s showrooms.

Since 2021 the company has felt the need to strengthen its presence and recognition in response to the new market challenges. We have studied the entire identity, from the logo to the development of every aspect of the coordinated image, including a detailed BIM. The symbol is a powerful icon that evokes the connection between past and future, the flow of energy, the stylization of the transformer itself.

MP-Comem-BRAND colour

The first field of application of the new brand was the creation of the new website. The keywords are clear: user friendly, immediate and functional.

For a company that thrives on its products as well as services, finding a way to present the launch of a new range in a captivating and engaging way was a must have. Thus, inspired by the technique of the web pages of Apple devices, we studied a page that returned the various features and views of the product to the user’s scroll.

eSDB landing page comem marcopolo

Comem has several spaces around the world where it showcases its products and services. Part of our work on the brand was rethinking the spaces and layouts of these showrooms. The project involved various steps, from the preparatory sketches to the first renderings, up to the creation of graphics and supports for the various exhibitors.

Bozzetto comem showroom
Comem render
Render ambientato
Render 2 comem
Render Comem 4