SMT social strategy 2019

In order to reach a wider and more diversified public, the creation
of a new social campaign allows SMT to be always present on
different social channels, with the most varied topics possible.


Personas SMT

The defnition of the personas allows us to understand how to pose
to the user, in order to identify the main topics that this will achieve,
the type of communication to be used and how to convey the message,
to meet the specific needs of each user.

Topic SMT

The topic immediately allows the reader to “hook” to the exchange
and provide its own contribution. It is to express the main theme,
the topic or discussion, through which you want to receive / give,
contributions through messages from other users of the social
media channels. We have identified the main topics, significant for SMT
and their audience: to each we have associated more hashtag,
to be used within the individual posts.