Factory Marcopolo
– sustainable digital growth

A winning combination

Factory is a dynamic network of digital companies that work with us on our most important projects.

A simple system for solving seemingly complex problems, which has the following characteristics:


Digital production is a challenging and ongoing process, creating the framework on which your business is built. Using Design System and Design Sprint processes, we can help you discover your own personal style consistently and scalably.


We do this with the best digital partners to ensure sustainable growth for the digital product we create for you. We scale our production according to the pace of your change.


We work in Toolbox, (Turin), where our network is also based: one of the most unique environments for producing high-quality digital content. Empathy at the service of coding.


The components of our Factory are

Bomberos Design designs user experiences and interfaces for digital products. It uses methods and tools that help companies develop and share ideas to improve efficiency, ensure innovation and stimulate continuous improvement of products and services.

Our working method involves all the players in the project, because a project must work for all parties involved, from the end user to marketing, from designers to developers.

More than 20 years of experience in building the web. We help companies create websites that are out of the ordinary, bridging the gap between design agencies and IT professionals. The web is a democratic platform, which enables the exchange of information and knowledge. We promote this potential and adaptability, in removing barriers and connecting users and information. By building the web on solid foundations and principles, we ensure we are ready for the next technological or cultural revolution.

We are a company of programming enthusiasts: we develop customized full stack solutions for companies with particular attention to the software architecture of the systems created. Born and specialized in complex backend systems, for about ten years we have also been developing web and mobile frontends, with particular attention to native apps. Sometimes we also have fun with IoT.

We empower companies to create smart products.

We are a multidisciplinary team of engineers and designers. Our goal is to find effective solutions, combining creativity and scientific method. We work to support companies in the creative process, in the research phase, in the development, up to the production phase.

Since its first day of life, AlphaWaves is committed to solving problems others cannotsatisfying every customer’s need, and serving innovation. The AW-team grows day by day. We collaborate with many professionals from different fields of the ICT world. Our internal team is made of passionate people that love technology.